Unit 2

Web Authoring

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Unit 2 - Web Authoring


This unit is designed to accredit an understanding of the capabilities of web authoring and the skills involved in building a website. You will develop an understanding of the requirements and capabilities of web authoring and the necessary resources. You will be able to use appropriate software to create, add content, test, publish and review a website.


Assessment Objectives

By the end of this unit you will be able to:
• Explore website structure, requirements and capabilities of web authoring
• Plan a website structure
• Create and add content to a website
• Review the final website


You should download and read the detailed assessment objectives. You should also download the evidence checklist.






Identify the website structure and technology needed to access the web pages


Activity 1 - AO 1a 2a 2b

Identify the clients requirements and write a plan that will show how you will reach those needs. What documents will you create and what will each section of the document be about?
- Create a plan of all of the images you are going to take, you could use a storyboard to do this.

- Identify the time scales and deadlines you need to meet.


Create a site map showing the structure of the site and produce designs for the way the website, with 4-6 pages, will look.


Activity 2 - AO 3A 3B 3C

Create the website. Source assets such as images and insert content to the planned website. Save your web pages appropriately. You should include screen shots demonstrating all of the above.


Activity 3 - A03B

Test the website functionality. Complete tests to check factors such as navigation, spelling, links, images being displayed etc.


Activity 4 - AO 4A

Review the website against the original brief. This should include providing client feedback. Discuss the quality of your finished product, how it is fit for purpose, identify the constraints that influenced your decisions e.g. file formats, permission and subject matter/location, copyright, IPR, trademark etc.

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Software Tutorials

Most tutorials listed below focus on Dreamweaver CS5.


Software Tutorials

photoshop iconSetting up your site

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