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unit 1

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Selection Tools

You select parts of an image using a number of tools within Photoshop. These tools create animated dashed lines, often referred to as "marching ants".



What does it do?

Rectangular Marquee Tool

Make a square or rectangular selection.

  Rectangular Marquee Tool

Elliptical Marquee Tool

Make a circular or oval selection.

  Eliptical Marquee Tool

Magic Wand Tool

Select similar coloured pixels.

  magic wand tool image

Lasso Tool

Make irregular shaped selections.

  lasso tool image

Polygonal Lasso Tool

Also used to make irregular shaped selections. Faster and easier to use than the lasso tool.

  polygonal lasso tool

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Used to trace around irregular shaped objects. Creates anchor points automatically. Useful when there is clear contrast between what you want to select and the background.

  magnetic lasso tool




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