Unit 1


unit 1

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Photoshop CS5 Environment

There are a number of useful tools to use when using Photoshop CS5. Below are a number for you to experiment with. It is recommended that you open an image in Photoshop before you try out some of these tips.


Ruler Guides and Grids

Sometimes it is useful to use grids when working in Photoshop. These are not shown when you print. To open grids press Shift+H


Moving Around

You can use the Navigator Panel, the Zoom tool, the Hand tool and the scroll bars to move around your image.


Choose Window > Navigator to open the Navigator Panel. This is useful when working with large images.

Navigator Panel


Panel Techniques

For the Essentials Workspace the standard Panel dock on the right of the Photoshop environment has 8 panels (see below). There is flexibility in how these are displayed. You can resize them as well as float panels. To float put your cursor on the panel tab then drag it into the image window.


Panel Techniques


By clicking Window on the Photoshop menu you can select additional Panels to be displayed. A useful Panel to display History. This panel records the last 20 states of the image. Use this to return to an earlier state.





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