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unit 1

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Patch Tool in Photoshop CS5

The Patch Tool is great for fixing large problems and floors in an image. It does this by cloning or copying pixels from another similar part of the image.


The image below shows a tarmac road with a leaf. The leaf is a little distracting therefore we will use the Patch Tool to remove it.


Image before the use of the patch tool


To do this we need to select the Patch Tool. Select Source in the Options bar. Then, using the cursor draw around the area you want to remove (make sure you join the start and end points). Once you see the marching ants hold the left mouse button down over the selected area then drag it to the area you want to replace it with. Once you are happy release the left mouse button. You can deselect the area by pressing Ctrl +D.


The image below shows the completed image.


Image once the patch tool has been applied


The image used in this example is Asphalt 4 taken from stock.xchg




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