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Cropping and image in Photoshop CS5

The crop tool allows you to select an area in an image and get rid of everything out side that area.


The crop tool can be found in the Tool Panel which is located on the left of the Photoshop environment. The icon is show below:

Crop Icon


In this example I will demonstrate how to crop and image. The image below was taken from Stock.xchng a fantastic source of copyright free images.


Image of frozen lake


I am now going to crop this image in Photoshop. To do this open the image in Photoshop. Then click the crop tool icon.


Hold down the left mouse button to select the area you want to keep. Once you have selected the area you will notice that an overlay showing the rule of thirds is superimposed over the image to allow you to make use of good composition (see below).


Image being cropped


You can re size the crop area using the 8 handles around the area. If you hold down Ctrl when doing this you have more control when re sizing the crop area.


Once you have selected an appropriate area to crop simply press the Enter/Return key.


The image below is the result of the crop.


Cropped image


Remember to save your image with a different file name otherwise you will overwrite your original image.



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