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Clone Tool in Photoshop CS5

The clone tool can be used to touch up an image by cloning or duplicating areas of pixels. This is useful when you want to remove blemishes and scratches.


To clone an area select the Clone Stamp tool. Set an appropriate brush size via the Options bar towards the top of the screen. Make sure Aligned is selected.


In this example I am going to use the Clone Stamp tool to remove some of the rust in the image below.


Ship Example


You should then press Alt and click on the area that you want to clone. Then you use the brush tool that appears to replace the areas you want to remove.


The image below shows the cross representing the area that is being cloned (pink pain on the ship's hull). The paint brush is also normally shown but has not been captured in the screen shot.



Clone Stamp example


The image below shows the rust having been removed.


Sip after clone


The image above is ok. However, the area we have cloned looks artificial. There is a clear line between two shades of pink. To improve this image further we need to use the healing brush.


You should explore the different brush types that can be selected from the drop down Preset Brush Picker.


The image used in this example is Ship Ropes 2 taken from stock.xchg



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